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Student Spotlights

David: Neurology

David Huntsman had the chance to intern at The Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab, University of Neuropsychiatric Institute. While that provider may be a mouth-full, his experience sounds incredible.

What were some highlights of your internship experience?

The highlights of my internship experience are three fold:
(1) being able to work with children on a daily basis and thank them all individually for playing such a crucially important part in a research study that will benefit the whole world,
(2) getting hands-on training and experience in medical research,
(3) being surrounded by amazing, accomplished, and excellent mentors.

Such mentors include Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, Perry Renshaw, Rebecca Huber, and all of the other staff and fellow research assistants that taught me so much about the importance of our work and how to carry out research in a way that will produce accurate conclusions and results. This experience as a research assistant in the Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory at University Neuropsychiatric was much more than I had ever anticipated. It provided such a valuable platform for me upon which I can continue my interest in neuropsychiatric and neuroscientific research. My fascination has only heightened because of this experience!

What courses helped prepare you for this experience?

Several of my courses prepared me for my internship - specifically PSYCH 111 and BIO 130. PSYCH 111 taught me the fundamentals of psychiatric research and how it is to be performed. BIO 130 taught me what exactly is going on inside of the body that allows for these changes to occur.

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David Huntsman