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  •  Clinicals are a series of supervised interactions with patients in local healthcare facilities. Clinicals make sure that students are ready to deal with real healthcare situations on real patients.

  • Students gain hands-on experience assessing patients while being guided and supported by their preceptor. Students will see firsthand how nurse practitioners function as a team. Students will obtain experience with different patient populations.

  • If a students department requires a clinical course students should talk to their course instructor for more information.

  • You can receive credit for clinicals!
  • Clinicals are Brigham Young University supported as well as BYU requires them for some departments.

  • Read more about students experience with clinicals here.
  • College of Life Sciences (Exercise Sciences)- EXSC 394, EXSC 395, EXSC 494, EXSC 495, EXSC 654, EXSC 655, EXSC 656