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Student Spotlights

Caroline: Japanese, Pre-Med

Caroline Stone is a well-rounded Japanese major who is minoring in Chemistry and plans on attending medical school. Read here about her internship at Boston Children's Hospital in conjunction with Harvard University.

What did you do for your internship?

This spring/summer, I am working in a research lab at Boston Children's Hospital which is connected to Harvard Medical School. I am studying endometriosis and performing a number of gene editing tests to help better target the disease for treatment. I do cell culturing, PCR tests, CRISPR gene editing, and transfection. I work alongside other post-docs who have recently gotten their PhDs and lab technicians. I am working on my own project and helping the lab move towards publishing a paper regarding our research. I also work with the animal models.

What was the most useful thing you learned from your internship?

I have learned a wide variety of skill sets that help me to work in a lab as well as better understand the medical world. It helps me to know what happens behind the scenes in medicine like how diseases come to be defined and treated. I learn how diseases are related, how to research topics on your own, how to design an experiment and perform it, and then how to relate your findings to possible cures for the disease.

How did your courses and your major prepare you for your internship?

I am a pre-med student so my chemistry and biology labs really helped me to prepare for this internship. I have used a lot of my knowledge that I have learned in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and molecular biology.

What professional skills did you develop in your internship?

I learned how to present because I am presenting in lab meetings. I also learned how to design my own experiment. I learned how to better read and understand literature articles and extrapolate ideas from them. I learned many lab techniques. I also learned communication in the work place and how to better collaborate with those around you.

Would you recommend this internship to other students? Why?

I would highly recommend this internship because they are very hands on but you are also very independent so you learn a lot. You are surrounded by some of the best people in the medical field in the country in Boston and have so many opportunities and resources. It's inspiring to be around these people all the time and makes you want to work harder. It also is a great thing to have on your resume because it is Harvard Medical School.

Is there anything else you would like to say regarding your internship?

I have really loved this and am so grateful for this opportunity. Because BYU does not have a medical school, it is very helpful to go somewhere else and learn from people who are currently in medical school or applying. It has given me a lot of direction and confidence to take forward as I apply to medical school. It has also allowed me to develop a whole new network of people. This internship was made to help BYU kids have more research opportunities. I would love to help more BYU students and especially girls in their pursuits in the medical field.

Caroline Stone PIC2.jpg
Caroline Stone in her lab coat during her internship at Boston Children's Hospital.
Caroline Stone PIC1.jpg
Caroline Stone pipetting at her lab bench at Boston Children's Hospital.